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Lake County Republican Federation 57th Annual Spring Gala

57th Annual Spring Gala

June 6, 2019

The 57th Annual Spring Gala featuring Governor Chris Christie!

Please save the date!

Our 57th Annual Spring Gala is scheduled for Thursday, June 6, 2019 at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling.

We are also pleased to announce that Governor Chris Christie  will be our keynote speaker.

Please tell your friends because it is sure to be a special evening.

More details to follow…

Advertise in the 57th Annual Spring Gala Program!

Want to reach over 500 influential Republicans with only $100?  Advertise in our Spring Gala program!  Our 56th Annual Spring Gala, the main fundraiser for the Lake County Republican Federation, will be held this May, so have your organization displayed with our candidates, elected officials, and other VIPs, while supporting the Republican slate in the upcoming general election.  Click here to download the forms, or contact our office with any questions!  Thank you for your support!

Most Lake County Board seats, countywide offices will have competitive races next fall

Four of the 14 Lake County Board members and one of the four countywide incumbents up for election in 2018 remained without challengers Monday, which was the last day established-party candidates could file the paperwork and signatures necessary to appear on their party’s March primary ballot.

Independent candidates and those seeking to represent newly established parties don’t file paperwork until the spring.

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Positive stories about the GOP are ignored

From our President, Larry Falbe, to the Daily Herald:

Why do the media in general only print or show negative stories about Republicans? On a recent Friday evening, the Lake County Republican Federation gathered at Conway Farms Golf Club to celebrate and honor Lake County women Republican leaders. However, the event was ignored by the media.

The decidedly newsworthy evening featured many women Republican political leaders, past and present, including former Comptroller (and current deputy governor) Leslie Munger, county board members Ann Maine and Carol Calabresa, state representative candidates County Clerk Carla Wyckoff, Superintendent of Schools Roycealee Wood, state representative candidates and numerous judges.

The evening began with the presentation of the Federation’s rare Lifetime Achievement Award to trailblazer Corinne Wood, who served as Illinois’ first female lieutenant governor. The award was presented to her by current lieutenant governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, who happens to be the first Latino female lieutenant governor in the nation. It was all capped off by a keynote presentation by our Republican candidate for Attorney General, Erika Harold, who is an African-American female.

Why is it, then, that this event received not even the slightest mention in the press? When the media eagerly run stories promoting the Republicans’ so-called “War on Women,” and someone like former first lady Michelle Obama makes national headlines when she characterized the Republicans as the party of “gray and white” men, it surely sets up the newsworthy counter-narrative: the diversity found in the Republican Party is at best overlooked, and too often totally ignored.

The lack of coverage of our event honoring strong female Republican leaders is especially glaring in light of the frenzied media coverage of a few weeks ago for the Lake County Republican Central Committee’s Second Amendment dinner.

Where is the media when the Republicans attempt to showcase our diversity and fabulous women leaders and trailblazers? Sadly, nowhere, it seems.

Lawrence Falbe

President, Lake County Republican Federation

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